We know how important your baby’s
well-being is to you. We’re here to help, and offer more peace and joy in the
parenthood journey.

Owlet empowers you and helps you worry less about Baby’s well-being. Do more, relax more and sleep more with help from Owlet.

  • 1000s of parents have shared how the sock changed their life

  • 4.24 trillion heartbeats monitored to date

  • 100s of 5-star reviews

Combine the tracking power of the Smart Sock with the visibility of the Cam for a complete picture.


Here's what
are saying:

Jennifer B.

“This is the only thing you need for your baby. My son is here today to prove that.”

Tayrn Y.

“I have no doubt [the Smart Sock] gave us the information we needed to help save Maddon’s life… I’m so thankful for this technology and for it notifying me before things could have gotten much worse.”

Virag S.

“The Smart Sock made my nights more peaceful, helped me sleep better and beat my anxiety and urge of getting up every 30 minutes to check whether my baby was okay."


"With everything going on in our world right now, it is SO nice to know that the Owlet Smart Sock is tracking my baby’s heart rate and oxygen."


"Owlet’s Monitor Duo puts my worried mama heart at ease. I love that I can pair my Smart Sock with Owlet’s Cam to see my baby in addition to getting his live readings."


"I can honestly say that the Owlet smart sock gave us the peace of mind we needed to get some sleep!"


"I’m a Pulmonary Critical Care Nurse Practitioner and an anxious mother. The Owlet is the best gift we received! It provided me so much peace of mind."


"As an ICU nurse, being able to glance over and see that the baby’s [heart rate and oxygen saturation] are stable allows me to sleep well!"


"I am a pediatric nurse… I recently purchased [the Smart Sock] for my own child and it allows me to rest peacefully knowing my baby is breathing okay."