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Three Times the Peace of Mind — Triplets on Owlet

Three Times the Peace of Mind — Triplets on Owlet

We have premature triplets. We got Owlet monitors when we came home from the hospital to give us peace of mind.

A few months ago, our daughter had a slight cough, and after an initial visit to the doctor, it was ruled she was okay. Later that night, I felt like her condition was starting to change into something more serious because she was breathing so hard. I put her Owlet on her. She wasn’t asleep for two minutes before we got a red notification due to low oxygen. At this point, I decided to call an ambulance. Her oxygen significantly dropped and she had to be taken to the children's hospital. She remained in the hospital for eight days with a diagnosis of pneumonia.

Our daughter is now doing well and has made a complete recovery. Thankfully, we were able to act fast and get her the treatment she needed. We are now strong advocates of Owlet monitors!

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