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Owlet: Not Just a Little Doodad

Owlet: Not Just a Little Doodad

I started putting the Owlet Smart Sock on my daughter, Sasha, after she was diagnosed with RSV. I noticed that she kept setting of notifications on the Owlet when she was sleeping so I called my doctor and they told me to bring her in immediately.

Once at the doctor's office, they asked me to get Sasha to go back to sleep. Just like what was happening at home, her oxygen levels again fell dangerously low. My doctor’s words, “Wow. I was hoping your little doodad was wrong. Head on over to the Children’s Hospital and they will be expecting you.”

Sasha was placed on oxygen and we were able to slowly wean her off of it over four days as she recovered. There were no other signs that she was in distress when she was sleeping. She appeared to be resting peacefully, but she was probably so fatigued from all of the work she was doing to breathe when she was awake that she wasn’t breathing hard enough in her sleep.

If it weren’t for Owlet, I never would have known of her distress. Without Owlet, she would have never received the care she desperately needed.

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