Never Slept so Well at Night With a Newborn

Never Slept so Well at Night With a Newborn

s parents, we worry a lot about our little ones. I always worry about my baby’s wellbeing. 

Even the first night in the hospital, I couldn't sleep because I was checking on the baby to make sure he was breathing every 30 minutes. It was so bad I finally sent him to the nursery so they could watch him while I got some rest.

Because I was so nervous, I started really looking for something to use at home, to provide me with peace of mind and help watch my newborn.

The Owlet is a device that tracks babies heart rate and oxygen levels. It's a small sock that they wear on either foot at night or during naps. I really have to say, it's been life changing. I have never slept so well at night with a newborn. Just knowing that I can rest assured that the Owlet is tracking his levels is such a blessing! With all four of my other babies, I would get up countless times at night just to check on them, in addition to feedings and all the other things that keep us moms up at night.

Setting up the Owlet is so simple. You just download the app on your phone. The sock can be worn on either foot. The kit comes with 3 socks so as the baby grows you can use a bigger sock.

This is the base station. The ring around it is a light (perfect for late night nursing), but you can dim the light if you prefer. You can turn the base on and off simply by pressing down on the middle of the base.

If baby's levels fall outside the preset zones, or the sock gets loose or comes off, you will be notified with lights and sounds on the base as well as on your phone. It's loud enough that I can hear it from my room, but soft enough that it won't wake the baby. (We had a few false alarms the first week because we didn't have the sock on correctly).

The base station is also where you charge the sock when you don't use it. The battery lasts all night (typically 18 hrs) and usually doesn't notify me to charge it until after noon if I don't take it off before then. As a tip, make it a practice to plug the sock in right after you stop using it, so it can charge up before next use. It will also notify me if the sock too far away from the base station with blue lights and an audible notification, as well as on my phone. Like when I'm driving down the street and forgot to take the sock off before we left home.

We LOVE the owlet and the peace of mind that it has given our family. I just wish I had had one with all 5 of our babies.

- Stephanie
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