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Luke's Story

Luke's Story

Our son, Luke, was in good health and had recently learned how to push to a sitting position. We know the guidelines for safe sleep which is why he slept on a firm mattress with only a fitted crib sheet and his sleep sack. We observed several times that when Luke would wake in the night, he would push himself into a sitting position and then slump over when he would become sleepy. What worried us was that when he would fall back to sleep, we would find him slumped over with his face pressed flat against the crib mattress.

One night, my husband and I were woken to a red notification. We immediately ran to Luke’s room to find him yet again slumped over in a sitting position with his face pressed flat against the mattress. We quickly repositioned him and observed his breathing. We then picked Luke up to rouse him a little and he appeared to be breathing just fine now.

Once Luke was back safely asleep, we checked our phones to see that we were in fact notified for low oxygen levels. We reset the Owlet and found that his oxygen level reading was normal again. Luke is now 12 months old and is in good health.

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