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Lucky to Have the Owlet

Lucky to Have the Owlet

We were on vacation when I became sick and felt awful. But after a week passed, I thought we were in the clear of anyone else in my family becoming sick. Unfortunately, my three-month-old, Madison, appeared to not be feeling well. I ended up taking Madison to urgent care where she was given a respiratory treatment and steroids. The doctor said Madison would be just fine.

After putting Madison to bed later that night, the Owlet notified of low oxygen. I had never had a red notification before, so I thought it was a mistake. I reset the Owlet, and the red notification went off again. With Madison’s symptoms in mind, as well as my experience with just being sick, once I saw her O2 was in the 70s-80s, I decided to call the ambulance. At the children’s hospital, Madison’s O2 was still in the 80s. Madison was admitted and given oxygen and fluids. Madison tested positive for RSV and bronchiolitis.

If it wasn’t for my Owlet, I may have slept through my little girl’s increasing illness, and she may have remained uncomfortable before I noticed. I feel so lucky to have the Owlet. It has given me more peace of mind than I could ever imagine, and that is priceless to me.

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