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Know More, Worry Less

Know More, Worry Less

My seven-month-old caught a bad cold that ended up being bronchitis. He had three days straight of a fairly high fever. I placed the Owlet on him to give me peace of mind, not thinking much of it. I was worried about his chest congestion and his cough.

The Owlet ended up going off three separate times during the night to notify me his oxygen levels had dropped below 80%. As a mom, I'm glad I was notified. I woke up my son to make sure he was okay. After waking him up and then putting him back to bed, his oxygen levels raised back up to a "normal" level as indicated by the Owlet.

I'm a mom of two boys, less than two years apart. I know about safe sleep practices. There's something to be said about a product that can tell you more. Thank you to the creators of this device!

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