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“How did you know?” High Heart Rate at Home

“How did you know?” High Heart Rate at Home

One night, we were woken up by a red notification at 3 a.m. My baby seemed fine but I pulled up my app and saw 260 bpm! At first it seemed impossible and we were sure it was a false notification, but after a few continued readings in the 260s and 270s, we decided to take my baby to the doctor.

The Staff was able to stabilize his heart rate. Turns out, Aden was stuck in a SVT (Supraventricular tachycardia) episode. Aden will take some daily meds for the next six to twelve months to help prevent a recurrence, but should ultimately outgrow SVT after he is a year old.

The doctors and nurses were amazed that we caught this episode since SVT often goes unnoticed. The first question out of the doctor’s mouth when he saw the heart rate was, “how did you know?!” accompanied by a puzzled look on his face.

During the hospital discharge exam, the pediatric cardiologist asked if we planned to continue to use the Owlet (with a smile on his face). I think he may have been impressed with this little device. Thanks Owlet!

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