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High Heart Rate & Still Happy

High Heart Rate & Still Happy

Our 11 month-old son, Cassius (Cash), is healthy, strong, and big for his age. One Saturday night, all was normal in the bedtime routine. I put Cash in his crib and after about two minutes, he fell asleep. He had fussed a little, but no real crying. A few minutes later, the Owlet went off with a red notification. His heart rate was reading 264 bpm. I rushed in and checked on him, and he was sound asleep. I turned the monitor off and then back on again, hoping it was just a false notification. Nope, it was still 262 bpm. I picked him up and he woke up with a smile and no symptoms at all. I called my neighbor over to stay with my other two children until my husband got home from work, and I took Cash to the emergency room.

When we got there, he was wide awake and waving "hi" to everyone in the waiting room, but his heart rate was still high. I had taken snapshots on my phone of the notifications for reference. They took him back for tests and decided that we needed to be transferred to a bigger hospital nearly two hours away. After more tests and doctor visits, they diagnosed Cash with Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT). He's on a medication now and he is doing very well on it. 

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