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Easy Transitioning With The Smart Sock

Easy Transitioning With The Smart Sock

We decided to use the Owlet our last night in the hospital just to make sure we knew how to use it. Surprisingly, the red notification started going off every hour when our baby was sleeping. I thought maybe it was malfunctioning.

The next morning, I told the nurse about our experience with the Owlet. Unconvinced of the Owlet’s accuracy, she got the hospital's O2 monitor and hooked it up to my baby. Sure enough, when my baby would go into a deep sleep, the hospital's monitor would alert and show my infant’s oxygen dipping. They took my baby to the NICU to monitor her further.

My baby was kept in the NICU for 8 days for observation, but we were able to make a great transition home from the NICU because of the Owlet. I won’t forget what the NICU doctor said, “The Owlet was the best money we spent.”

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