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Connected Care Coupled with Caring Parents

Connected Care Coupled with Caring Parents

Before getting the Owlet, I was so nervous to sleep at night. I would sleep about 15 minutes at a time and constantly check Luella as she slept next to my bed in her bassinet. My parents, aware of my anxiety around Luella sleeping, decided to buy us the Owlet. My mom said she wished the Owlet existed when she had me.

It was a couple of weeks later when my husband and I were startled by a red notification from both the Base Station and the Owlet app on our phones. We gave Luella a good inspection. Everything seemed normal but we weren’t comfortable with her heart rate number. Interested to know more about Luella’s numbers following this red notification, we upgraded to the Connected Care app. We cared about the ability to track patterns and share the data with Luella’s pediatrician. Over the next few days, with Connected Care, we viewed Luella’s heart rate and oxygen levels closely, matching them up with her sleep patterns.

At Luella’s monthly checkup, we shared the data from the Connected Care app with the pediatrician, emphasizing the heart rate numbers and sleeping patterns. The pediatrician appreciated that we had all of this data tracked and summarized. After listening to Luella’s heart, the pediatrician confirmed a heart murmur and referred us to a cardiologist.

As a parent, it is nice to know more about my baby’s health and well-being and to be able to share useful data with my baby’s doctors when necessary. I am so thankful for Connected Care and the Owlet!

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