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A Blessing to Our military Lifestyle

A Blessing to Our military Lifestyle

Being a military family, we knew that right after our son, Derek, was born, my husband would be leaving us for a few months for training and schooling. Together we decided that the Owlet Smart Sock would be a good investment since I would be parenting a newborn and four-year-old alone. Parenting alone takes its toll on you and it hits me most at night.

After having five miscarriages, our son’s safety is and will always be a priority since we have lost and endured tons of heartache to have him. Once Derek was asleep in his crib, I felt content being able to get a few hours of sleep thanks to the Owlet.

My husband and I are so grateful for this baby monitor and it has truly proven to be a blessing to our military lifestyle. My husband can leave us at a moment’s notice and there are many things as a spouse that I worry about. I can honestly say putting Derek to sleep in his crib is less of a worry for me, all because of the Owlet Baby Monitor! Thank you for this amazing product!

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